Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 2010 (22months old)

The Jacobs Family
 Trent loves hanging on Mommy's legs
Eskimo kisses
Family we live in a beautiful place

 Bob and Trent wearing their Tulsa hats

Trent packing his Swimming wear

Trent dressed himself and went outside to help Daddy work in the yard.......when we told him he forgot his pants he said "ought oh" with his sweet lil voice

Road trip to Tulsa.....May 4th. Bob, Grams, Trent and I

The BIG Texan in Amarillo TX.....after driving all day we stopped there for dinner

Trent's OK hair cut

Yard work with Bob for the big graduation

Graduation Day!!!!!Congrats Rob

Daddy flew in at 11pm the night before Rob's graduation so he could celebrate with us

Trent and I, Judy and Kenny Mills and Alden Mc
Nann and I

My Goodlookin boys

  The University of Tulsa put on a beautiful graduation ceremony for the Tulsa Law students

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to me....we were togetherthe Mitchener cousins

the Mitchener 2nd cousins

Trent getting into Unc's cake

Camping at Lake Pleasant

Swimming in the pool...what a BIG boy

being a monkey

taking a nap with Daddy

Trent's girl friend Jo Jo...and I approve

Climbing up the camper ladder with Daddymilk mustache

Monday, April 19, 2010

1st official Camping trip in our new Terry

Trent's ready to go.....we brought his helmet so he could ride the quad while we were at Lake Allamo. We left Saturday evening after Daddy got home from work. Yes we went camping for one night. We are crazy.

Sunday morning at 6am Bob and Daddy got up early to go fishing, while Grams and I (Trent) slept and mommy cleaned on our new camper. We spent the night with Bob and Grams in their 5th wheel since we pulled in the camp ground at dark and mommy didn't have the new rig cleaned.
That is one BIG bass. Bob and Daddy brought me a bunch of fish to play with. This one that Grandpa Bob caught weighed 5lbs 2oz, 21" long and 13" around. It was a beauty.
Bob, Grams and I (trent) holding the BIG fish. Too bad we didn't catch that fish the weekend we were in the fishing tournament.

My lil fish
I loved taking them in and out of the live well
Putting the fishy back
Bob weighing the BIG fish
We could not get Bob to quit smiling.....what a proud fisherman
What a catch!!!!!!

measuring it's body
Driving the boat with Bob
Our new camper....Daddy's pretty proud
Getting my chair to set out
Helping daddy work under the new rig
Practicing my fishing technique
Peeing on the tire....dont look

Going for a ride
Mommy hard at
All Clean now...12hrs later. This is the kitchen as you can see
the table/Trent's bed
as you walk into the door and turn right....the table on the left, the kitchen on the right
the bed, the shower to the left and the toilet to the right (in the closed door)
That was alot of work/cleaning for one night of camping....showers anyone?????